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CMMC Readiness Services

Focusing Forward is proud to partner with
All About The Data Compliance Solutions.

AATD is the one-stop shop for all of your CMMC V2.0 certification needs.


 AATD's custom C-HAC software simplifies CMMC certification. 

In an ever-challenging environment of cyber-threats, the Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC) delivers an innovative software  solution for defense contractors to remove the guesswork involved in completing and maintaining their CMMC certification.

C-HAC integrates  CMMC and NIST best practices

to achieve a highly effective cyber-security posture across your organization.

2C-HAC Map.jpg

Remove the Guesswork.

When it comes to your cyber-security, you can't afford to take chances, especially in regards to your certification.

Let AATD's experts guide the process, so you can breathe easier, knowing your company is in great hands.

6 Ways C-HAC Makes Things Simpler:

1. Straightforward, intuitive design for easy use:

C-HAC is a guided, interactive console which is constantly being updated with new and accurate information collected by our NIST-based cybersecurity landscape. We lead you through the assessment process step-by-step.

2. Saves you time, energy, and money:

Navigating multiple NIST, CMMC and other cybersecurity platforms can be a challenge. That’s why we make it easy for you to perform multiple assessments on a single platform. With our many guides and tailored assistance, you can reduce the need for pricey consultants.

3. Rapidly identifies and reports cybersecurity gaps:

Three auto-generated reports document your gaps and risks, including your System Security Plan, Security Assessment Report, and a Plan of Action.

4. Sets you on the path towards long-term cybersecurity health:

Our detailed policies and procedures templates make it simple to write and align your company’s processes with industry best-practices, paving the way for a secure tomorrow.

5. Alerts you to changes that may affect your compliance:

C-HAC notifications will alert you to the source of the change as well as to any impacted security controls, helping you get back into alignment right away.

6. Gives you back your peace of mind:

You can feel confident that you’re using the best available cyber-hygiene practices to protect your data from internal and external threats. Not only that, our affordable and highly scalable program adapts to meet you where you’re at.

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