Zero Trust Security: Improve Your Cyber Hygiene Today

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December 22, 2020


The Solarwinds hack has brought to light the inherent vulnerability of much of the network we all rely on for our day to day business and personal lives.  The concept of zero trust is now being accepted by network providers, government agencies, and commercial industry.  And it is unfortunately true; “trust” in the Internet age is an extremely elusive thing.  Now, more than ever, it is important to take corporate and individual cyber security very seriously. 


Improve your cyber hygiene:  

  1. Change your passwords often – yeah it is a pain, but just do it.

  2. Encrypt documents on your devices – use inexpensive but accredited capabilities like this: Enigma by BlackSquare 

  3. Believe your CIO and CISO when they sound the alarm – it isn't that it can happen to you, it is happening to you.

  4. Simplify how things work – to lose track is to increase vulnerabilities and the smarter houses get the more difficult this gets.

  5. Backup your data often - PC Magazine's list of best external hard drives 

  6. Email attachments encrypted and send the password via other means.

  7. If you don't recognize the number let it go to voicemail.  

  8. Always look at an email address to see if it is legit – look at the right side of the address string.

  9. When in doubt don’t click on it – trust me when I say you will eventually regret it. Use a tool like if you are concerned about a link or a attached file from anyone.

  10. Be paranoid!  There is no perfect solution!  Diligence is the best defense!  Close as many doors as possible. It is your data and your IP and your money that will be stolen, so don't count on someone else's overworked schedule to protect your stuff.