Dr. Robert Feingold:
Executive Management Specialist

Featuring Dr. Robert Feingold, Executive Management Specialist 


Focusing Forward would like to introduce you to Dr. Robert Feingold, an executive management specialist with over 47 years of extensive experience.


Since 2003, Robert has been President and Founder of Feingold Consulting LLC, now a Focusing Forward consulting partner. Feingold Consulting was formed to provide quality information technology strategic planning and project management consulting services to clients engaged in business with the private sector, state governments and federal agencies.


Just a few of the engagements that Robert has led include serving as project manager for the Independent Validation and Verification (IVV) of a large, complex information management system being acquired by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and identifying over 100 opportunities for cost savings and other personnel efficiencies within State Government. He also provided enterprise project management support to the Colorado Information Security Program, implementing encryption capabilities to protect critical State information, as well as project manager for the group assisting the Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance Department develop a time-critical operations updates.


In addition, Robert has served for 12 years as VP of Product Management for a company providing project management software solutions to large aerospace and defense contractors, financial management firms, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms, telecommunications companies, technology firms, and Federal, State, and Local Government organizations.


Previous to forming Feingold Consulting, LLC, Robert was appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the State of Colorado implementing many new online services within the State’s Web Portal. Robert became the State’s CIO after serving as the CIO for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.


Before joining the Colorado State government, Robert operated a project and program management consultancy for a nationally known consulting firm serving clients in the Telecommunications Aerospace, Financial, and Information Management industries and the Department of Defense.


Robert is a retired US Air Force Colonel, serving as Commander of the Space and Warning Systems Center, Air Force Space Command, and in many leadership assignments involving responsibilities for large information systems supporting Air Force operational missions and other Services.


Robert earned a Doctorate in Operations Research and holds a Masters of Business Administration.


This is just a glimpse into Robert’s extensive experience. Robert is an expert in space operations and is experienced leading large, risky, complex programs; mission critical real-time command and control, business modeling, and process control software development and maintenance organizations. To connect with Dr. Feingold, contact Teal today at teal@focusingforwardconsult.com or 903-806-2667.