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What is a WBS + Dictionary?


WBS is a project-management tool that systematically breaks work down into smaller chunks. It keeps work on track by integrating scope, cost, and schedule  baselines. A WBS (with WBS Dictionary) is often a required deliverable for federal contracts. The WBS dictionary describes the work assigned to each Element in the WBS, including such important details as milestones, costs, and owners.


What's included in my purchase?


This digital download is an interactive Excel file containing 2 workbooks: the WSB and WSB Dictionary Templates, both of which were developed by our in-house consultant, Sarah Krappweis, a Project Manager specializing in Earned Value Management. The templates are easy to customize because Sarah did all the formatting for you! All you have to do is input your information according to the very simple instructions included in each workbook. That's it! 


What if I need some extra help creating my WBS and Dictionary?


If you foresee needing assistance, or you jump in and then realize you're in over your head, that's ok! You can hire Sarah to help with the bulk of the work. Go to our "Plans and Pricing" page and select the plan titled "WBS Consulting with Sarah" to read about what's included in the purchase.




* Copyright belongs to Sarah Krappweis. Resale and/or distribution of this product is not permitted and is punishable by law.


Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template + Dictionary

  • Created by Sarah Krappweis

    Copyright belons to Sarah Krappweis

    Not for resale or distribution

    Microsoft Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

    21.4KB (21,985 bytes)

    Worksheets: WBS, WBS Dictionary



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