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Sales Leadership Consulting

Has your sales team reached a plateau? Is team growth and retention an ongoing challenge? See how Sales Leadership Consulting with Ray Reed can elevate your sales team to unprecedented levels of success!

Ray Reed

President of RL Reed Consulting

Ray Reed, a retired Air Force Lt Colonel and our Sales Leadership Consultant, has been selling to the Federal Government for over 20 years with a proven track record of developing high-performing sales teams for companies of all sizes.

Ray helps sales teams and their leaders work smarter through his proprietary method  of training, covering everything from hiring and structuring a great team to ways to skyrocket your success in selling. 

His approach focuses on the team as a whole as well as on individuals, ensuring that each contributor knows their part and plays it well.

Sales Leadership Consulting

Reed works with sales teams and leaders to craft a structure of roles and responsibility centered around 3 key arenas:

Direct Sales, Business Development, and Capture Management.


By increasing  effective collaboration, teams see increased revenue and efficiency. Reed believes that a great team should focus on their direct sales and capture management and let a company like Focusing Forward fill the role of business development.


Furthermore, he helps teams pull talented salespeople from both the public and private sector. 

Mentors and leaders are key to team development. Reed works with them to develop effective leadership strategies

that allow each individual to function squarely within their zone of genius and within clearly delineated roles.

Without competent leadership, a sales team will never reach its full potential. Great leaders inspire collaboration and creativity; but most importantly, they lead by example. 


Under Reed’s tutelage, sales teams and individuals routinely report consistent growth of 20-40% YOY. They also report becoming the lead-performing team within their respective company and being known as “Sales Rockstars”. 


Ray's Career Highlights

Career Highlight No.1

Career Highlight No.2

Career Highlight No.3

Sales Team at Gartner

  • Established optimal DoD sales teams organization and processes.

  • Grew the Air Force team to a regional level, becoming the largest single account at Gartner and increased revenues from $5M to $41M in under 5 years.  

  • Gartner then included his processes in their New-Hire Training Program, changing the way deals were sold. 

VP of Sales at Small Company

  • Executed a highly effective a “capture management” model.

  • Secured over $40M in 2 years with a team of 3.

Sales Team: Air Force Contract

  • Managed an Air Force IDIQ (Task Order) Contract.

  • Grew the team to 35 people .

  • Increased revenue from $500K to $7M in 3 years.

Ray would love to hear from you!

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