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Staffing & Recruitment

Your team is busy doing what they do best...
which means you don't always have time to source quality hires when things get hectic. We get it. Keep your team working within their zones of genius and let us do the applicant hunting for you.


We work with the Federal DoD and Civilian marketplace to help you fill open positions with the best possible hires for your needs, including highly classified positions. We work with you to understand every detail of what you require in a candidate and what the position involves, including salary range, specific education requirements, and anything else that is a high priority for your company.

Rest assured that we know the market well, and no matter how specific your needs are, we can help.

*** Discounts are available for multiple-hire contracts.

 Support Is Currently Available For The Following Areas:

Information Technology

  • Cyber Security

  • Web Development 

  • Infrastructure


Business Development and Capture

  •  Federal Business Developers

  •  Federal Capture Managers


Program Management

  • Project Support Staff

  • Project Management Professionals


Procurement and Contracting

  • Contract Administrators

  • Acquisition Professionals


In-House Proposal Support

  • Proposal Managers

  • Proposal Support Staff

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