Strategic Planning When I Need to

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1 hour leadership management online session

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For some business owners the COVID-19 crisis appears to be a bullet to the heart of your model, something that you cannot come back from. Most of these owners they love what they do, but now need to think differently about it. Normally strategic planning would serve this task and point the direction for a future 12-18 months out. But, in this time of crisis, with the ship potentially sinking, there isn’t enough time for the traditional strategic planning process. But a strategy is still needed, even when quickly pivoting and making a fundamental business model change. Thus, the goal is to aim quickly and aim accurately. This session offers a researched template for understanding high speed strategy development during crisis: the why of strategy, the who of strategy, the what of strategy, and the how of strategy.  With this methodology in the toolbox a corporation or business can be confident that, even when things are pressing in at a rate fast and furious, what is being targeted will stand the test of time even into an uncertain future.

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