• We have served and want to continue to do so - we are not afraid to work hard.

  • We have been created for good works and are here for a reason.

  • All people have value and the diversity of who we are is good and needed to make a better world.

  • We will treat everyone with respect and will create equal opportunity.

  • There is TRUTH and it matters. You may not like what we say, but we will not lie to you.

  • We seek relationships and believe they are more important than material things.

  • We have nothing to hide and will be transparent in our dealings.

  • WE will say what we mean and work hard to do what we say.

  • WE must provide you with value or we should not expect your business.

  • We are in it for the long term and will change and innovate to prepare for the future.

  • Grace is a good thing and at some point, we all need it.

  • Where possible, we will create hope and do good things.

  • We will not avoid a problem, but instead attempt to solve it.

What We Value

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