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Consulting Services

Our team of nearly 200 consultants consists of retired government and military officers and personnel, business experts, and thought leaders from highly-specialized fields. Consultants range from Senior Executives to General and Flag Officers, Healthcare Officials, and beyond.  Each consultant is an expert in their field with years of experience that you can trust.

We move businesses of all sizes forward in 3 key ways:

1. Get business opportunities
2. Grow and align your business
3. Rescue a business in crisis
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Get the Business You Want

Demystify Federal marketplace entry

connect with your ideal customers.

  • Win theme support

  • Discover contract opportunities

  • Find and vet partnership opportunities

  • Business tool support: Govwin, GovTribe, Bloomberg, Salesforce, etc.

  • Black Hat processing

  • Federal Sector research

  • Pitch-writing

  • Red-teaming

  • Orals reviews

  • Calendar/Event management

  • Special contracts support (i.e. OTA, SBIR, etc.)

  • Business Development as a Service (BDaaS)

Grow and Align Your Business

Boost your growth with proven strategies 
that bring in revenue & align with your vision.
  • Develop re-compete strategies

  • Access knowledge and experience related to the Executive Branch

  • Teaming support

  • Adjacent capability analysis

  • Growth strategy development

  • Budget document research & interpretation

  • Strategic market assessment

  • Speech-writing strategies

  • Event Planning / Industry Day support & scheduling

  • Legislative engagement project development

  • Calendar/Event management

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Get Help in Times of Crisis

Get your business back on track and stronger than before.

  • Program remediation

  • Cure Letter review and response

  • Certified Executive Coaching

  • Organizational behavior support

  • Audit and compliance assistance

  • Change management

  • Sales team development

  • GAD & IG reporting analysis

  • Certifications

  • Teaming services

Focusing Forward would be nothing without the wisdom and experience of our consultants.

We strive to match you with the right experts for your unique journey

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