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Marketing & Branding Services

Everyone is online these days. Social media is king when it comes to information dissemination. If your company isn't taking advantage of these opportunities , you're missing out big time.

Our marketing and branding services boost and refine your online presence through streamlined and well-curated images and copy, which helps your audience see, like, and trust your company.

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Sophie Zacaroli

Marketing Consultant

“It's not a question of whether or not you do social media & marketing, but rather,
how well you do it...


Having an online presence is important because it provides cost-effective marketing. It 'preps the battlefield' for your federal and/or commercial clients.”

Federal or Commercial?

Marketing to the federal government is very different from commercial marketing... but we can do both!

Social Media

We offer cross-platform support and integration, helping you share your message consistently and clearly across all the major social media channels. Whether you are starting from scratch or just need some advice on optimization, we can help.

Message Development

Together we will take inventory of assets, identify your customer persona, & storyboard your messaging. We’ll perform beta analysis that will help you track your successes.

Market Planning

We'll help research your audience and your competition. Then, with this data, we will develop a strategic marketing plan that's tailored for your business.


If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can still benefit from regular meetings with an expert. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions, define your goals, and get feedback on your website and social media presence.

If you would like to see recent examples of Sophie's design work, we invite you to follow the links below.

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