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Building your Federal Marketing Plan

Marketing to the federal government is vastly different from marketing to the private sector. The government has entirely different pain points, requirements and objectives than a commercial buyer.

On the commercial side there are many levers, like swag, free gifts, and VIP events you can use in building a connection with your potential clients. However, these are huge red flags in the federal space, and most of them are illegal. Also, the nice looking email templates with graphics, videos, and downloads are probably going straight to a junk folder.

Here are 3 tips for developing your federal marketing plan.


1. Create or review your Capabilities Statement.

Think of this as your company's resume. The design should be crisp and easy to follow along. Sections should include:

  • Core competencies

  • Relevant designations

  • NAICS + SIC codes

  • GSA schedules

  • Certified technologies (if applicable)

  • Logos from past performance

Companies should have two versions of this. A one pager and a multi-page packet that includes past performance descriptions. Get help writing, building, or proofreading your capabilities statement here.

2. Provide your agency with the right information.

If you already know which agencies you are going after, you will need to provide them with valuable information. Whether its through email, RFI or oral presentations, it is your job to provide accurate, helpful information on their upcoming priorities.

Any suggestions or information sent should be beneficial to more than yourself. Contracting officers cannot show favor or give exclusive information. The goal is to shape the contract to a smaller pool of contractors (including yourself).

3. Show up.

Show up to everything your target agency hosts. Brand awareness and familiarity are the invisible "lifts" your company will benefit from. Hearing your name, seeing your face, and hearing your story builds the strong reputation you'll need to succeed. Attend industry days, educational events and charity events. If you are unsure of which events you need to be attending, reach out now and we will help you search for relevant upcoming events in your industry.

Remember, your capabilities statement is your company's resume. You can shape upcoming federal contracts. And industry days are NOT overrated.


For 1-on-1 help on developing your federal marketing plan, reach out to

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