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Building Your Federal Sales Team: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself in the Process

Developing a strong sales team is anything but a walk in the park. However, if done correctly, it will bring in millions per year for your company. Let’s walk through the process of #recruiting, #interviewing, #hiring, #training, and forecasting together. These 6 questions are meant to serve as a guide for you to evaluate your already existing #sales team, or to help you start building one from the ground up.

Question 1: How creative are your sales leaders?

Why does this matter? Ray Reed, our sales team consultant, says it this way:

“I put people into one of two categories: a CEO thinker or a COO thinker. The CEO is very creative, strong in leadership, and brings vision to the team. The COO is thinking about how to execute, pointing out potential holes in the plan, and bringing a different perspective. You need both types of thinkers.”

Every person on your #salesteam needs to have different levels of creativity so they can learn from each other and develop the best possible sales model. The following test is a great resource we use to evaluate our own leader’s creativity levels. We highly suggest taking it for yourself and your sales team.

Question 2: Is your recruiting criteria focused on traits or specific experience?

“Some of the best federal sales people I’ve hired were recruited from the private sector/commercial team.” - Ray Reed

Sometimes, you need to go out of your comfort zone in recruiting salespeople. Being too limited or picky about #federal experience can prevent you from bringing on some extremely talented #salespeople. Instead of trying to look for “good” people who were successful at selling, look for candidates who have good traits to be successful at selling.

Some traits to look for are:

  • Good questioning skills

  • High energy

  • Executive presence

  • Sales acumen

  • A drive to learn and succeed

Question 3: Does your interview process include a “role play” panel?