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How to Build a High Performing Sales Team

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth you are seeing from your business?

Is your sales team hitting a growth plateau?

What has happened is that you have arrived at a point in your growth curve that I refer to as The Plateau Syndrome.

In my experience, here’s what usually happens: your sales team starts off great, growing the business, making progress. However, after a period of time you notice that your business begins to level off or even decline. Maybe you have a leadership team trying several things to fix the situation. For instance, companies begin to micromanage the situation to combat the Plateau, but fail to address the root cause.

Then comes The Fire Drill.

This is when a company becomes so frustrated that they decide it’s best to just start from scratch, resulting in a “fire” drill. This leads to eliminating sales people, stripping the company of intellectual capital, which is handed over to other companies.

Finally, the Solution.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably experienced some form of this. It can be daunting, but there is a solution. The key is understanding your Maturity level. This is done by talking to several key people in the organization to ascertain where you are with your processes from hiring Great Talent through the entire “Sales Life Cycle” to forecasting.

If any of this sounds relatable, it might be time for a change.

Our business and sales consultant, Ray Reed, has helped many companies get out of their plateau and kickstart their sales growth back into high gear. Reach out to us now to get connected with him.


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