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What We Value

We're committed to the long-term health of our clients, staff, and country.

Driven by these core values, we aim to create positive and enduring legacies.  


Even in retirement, we serve our country by offering our knowledge and experience, so that all may benefit from a brighter tomorrow. Service is the foundation of our work.


We celebrate the differences in life experiences, allowing them to drive us forward. We firmly believe that everyone is valuable and is worthy of respect and dignity.


Life and business alike can throw us some curveballs. We get that everyone needs an occasional extra helping of grace, so we try to give and accept it freely, in accordance with the golden rule. 


We vow to be transparent in all our dealings, letting the truth guide us in all things. Truth has nothing to fear, therefore it is our North Star in life and in business.


We strive to achieve real, measurable results by approaching problems with our signature blend of out-of-the-box thinking and hard work. Moving you forward is our passion.


We value people over profit and real relationships over "getting ahead". Our professional and personal relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and integrity, not on what we can gain from them.

A Word From One of Our Consultants:

Scott Jack Headshot_edited.jpg

“I will not sugar coat anything and will always be honest. I have no interest in lying to you. Being ethical is doing the right thing when nobody else is watching and that's the way I've practiced my life."

-Scott Jack: Cyber-Security Consultant for Focusing Forward

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